Dancing Queen

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 5 - Diet Programme

Today.. i am not really good... been eating very fattening food since this morning..

I had :-

Bfast - 2 pieces of roti canai, 1 karipap and 1 teh ais
Lunch - 1 pcs of KFC, half of zinger tower burger and light coke..
Dinner - must take fruit...

Day 4 - Diet programme

Since i have been sick for few days, i didn't follow my diet programme religiously.. Luckily, i am getting better already.. so, yesterday.. i have started back to my diet programme regime..

so yesterday (12/1/10).. I had

Breakfast - 1 bowl of cereal, 1 karipap
Lunch - nasi separuh with gulai asam pedas and sayur..
Dinner - 1 bowl of chicken soup and 2 pieces of bread

I was a good girl yesterday.. did a lot of workout..

Morning - 401 kcal burnt
Evening - Bd combat + stepper machine - 778 kcal (1 hr n half exercise time)

Not bad huh? my friend said, u need to burn at least 3000 kcal for a week.. but then, i still havent reach my target to burn at least 800++ kcal per session.. :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Diet Programme - Day 3

Okay, today is the 3rd day.. just now, hampir2 nak pergi beli roti canai.. but at the end, i was able to restrain myself from that sinful but lazat food.. maybe some other time.. lagipun i am still not recover fully from batuk.. my batuk is really a killer.. last night, i can't even sleep well coz my cough was so bad, till my chest hurt.. today, i better see mr doc again to ask for a better cough medicine..

okay, let's see what i had for the day :-
1) breakfast - 1 bowl of kellogs special cereal + hlow milk + 1 apple + warm watter
2) Lunch - nasi separuh with fish curry + fried spinach + 2 japanese towfoo
3) Tea break n dinner - tba

My workout regime.. i was supposed to go to the gym this morning, but i had to cancel it coz of my batuk.. so, i will only go later today.. planning to do stepper/ treadmill and of course, body combat new release - 42

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Diet programme - Day 2

Today is the 2nd day of my diet programme.. hope it will last till my next adventure in June this yr.. so, let's check out what I had for breakfast first...

Breakfast - 1 sachet of oatmeal strawberry flavoured & 1 karipap.. and lotsa warm water..
Tea break - 1 small cup of hot choc & 3 pieces of oatmeal cookies
Lunch - Fried prawn noodle and teh ais
Dinner - mee soup separuh

Okay.. now let's look at my workout regime today..

Today i did rpm (55 mins class) + 20 mins on stepper (speed : 8-10)
- kcal burnt - 650 kcl
- av heart rate - 143
- Max heart rate - 167

can't reach the target even 700++ (my actual target is 800++ calories burnt/ day).. but yesterdat, with my bad cough and flu, i was lucky i can finished the whole rpm class.. semput gakkk.. hehehehe

Monday, January 04, 2010

Diet Program - date 05/01/10

I've been thinking of doing this since last year.. but now, since i have bought myself a polar watch to monitor heartrate and also the calories burnt during work out, i have no choice but to start..

okay, will start with what i have eaten..

Breakfast - 2 packs of sandwiches - tuna n egg with 1 mug of milo
Lunch - 1 bowl of laksa penang
tea break - 1 pcs of cucur udang (notttttiii...)
dinner..salad with 1 sausage and also 2 pieces of bread with 1 sausage..

okay, calories burnt for the day?? not yet.. :-

I successfully did (even though a bit un fit)
- 1 combat class. - 541 kcal
- stepper for 25 mins (speed ranges from 8 to 10) - 225 kcal

so total kcal burned - 766
av heart rate - 143
max heart rate - 167

that's all for today...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome 2010.. bye bye 2009

Another year gone by.. 2009 has left us, finally.. now.. it's the 4th day of 2010.. this year.. i didn't set any new resolution.. Coz for me, it is just another year.. my resolution will be the same every year.. :).. just hope that this time, at least one of my resolution will be materialised.. hikh ikh ik..

Thursday, July 02, 2009


I know..I know.. I am sure by today, most of friends are complaining abt my dormant blog. Ok, I will try my very best to update..

So many things had happened in my life. Don't panic... nothing major.. Just lil things. This year, I am really in a travelling mode. I have been to alot of places, see a lot of new things. So far, I have been to :-

1) Bangkok
2) Manila
3) Miri/Mulu/Brunei

Well, come to think of it, I have covered all asean coutries. Not bad eh? hehehe.. So far, my favourite asean country would be Bangkok. I just love that country, its ppl and food.. too bad they are currently experiencing alot of challenges.. with the political turmoil, later economic downturn and now with the H1N1 breakout.. Poor thai ppl.. I just hope everything will be better soon..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's the quietst ever...

Another year had passed.. a new b'day year has arrived.. Without realising it, I am going to be 32 already.. and then, another 30 days, new year will come.. and i will turn 33.. Wow!!! time flies so fast.. and then, late last night, i realised i havent achieve much.. my life is still the same.. Then again, do i want my life to be changed? Well, not much but it would be nice if my life have a lil change.. :0.. hehehe...

Anyways, this b'day is the quietest ever.. I mean, I never short of wishes.. but I just wish I would get a b'day wish from this one special person.. Sigh.. I guess, that one will remain my wishful thinking.. *darn, i am getting emo here.. must try to cheer up my day today*.. ;*>.. Now, I definetly must move on..

Diha, you must let go of the things that are not meant to be yours.. and move on.. Life if too short to wait for something that is uncertain.. So, aja aja fighting!!! \(o_o)/